Living in the Denver area Tomatoes are starting to come into season. What do we do with all of those tomatoes if we don’t want to can them….
Here is a tip if you have a large jar to store them in.
Roast them cut side down in a 275 degree oven with EVOO, and a few garlic cloves. Time depends on how dry you want them. I roast them about 1 1/2 hrs. You may then put them in a jar covered in EVOO, they have to be covered completely nothing sticking out of the oil. This will keep 3 to 6 months  in the fridge cooled. I season them later you may add kosher salt if you like.
These become your homemade sun-dried tomatoes for the winter. Just add a couple of tomatoes to your soups or sauces to spruce up the flavor. Summertime flavor in the wintertime.
Chef Brando in the Denver, Lone tree Colorado area!!