Thirty Two Fourteen Personal Chef's Service & Events - Custom Food from your kitchen
Chef Brando getting ready to grill Healthy Meals from Thirty Two Fourteen Personal Chef & Events
No time to cook? Special diet concerns? Big event coming up?
No worries! I can shop, cook and clean up for you, too!
As a Personal Chef, I offer a wide variety of services to meet the mealtime challenges your family faces.
Maybe you’ve had a long day at work. Maybe someone in your family has to follow a special diet, such as for diabetes or Celiac disease. Maybe you want to host a dinner party, but are overwhelmed with the amount of cooking involved. Maybe a friend just had surgery or delivered a baby and you’d like to help them with a few meals. Or maybe you just don’t like to cook, but you’re tired of eating out.
I can help with these issues and more. As your Personal Chef, I will discuss your requests and preferences with you to determine how to best meet your needs. Then I’ll buy the groceries, prepare the meals, and handle the kitchen cleanup. All you have to do is come home to the enticing smell of home-cooked food and enjoy a delicious array of satisfying meals.
Sound good to you?
Come visit me on Thumbtack my link is here!

Beer Can Chicken from Thirty Two Fourteen Personal Chef & Events, Gluten Free Made near Highlands Ranch CoCall me today!

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